Advice On Formatting A College Essay In APA Style

Many colleges and universities around the world expect their students to format their paper in what is known as American Psychological Association (APA) style. As the name may suggest, this style is primarily used in writing psychology papers. This article will discuss how to achieve this, and give some crucial advice for you to sue in other papers in the future.

General formatting
There are many general formatting rules you need to adhere to when composing an essay in an APA style format. Firstly, your paper should be typed and be double sided on standard paper measuring 8.5’’X11’’, with 1’’ margins on both sides. Ensure that the program you use to type your paper meets these margin standards. If not, then make the necessary adjustments in options. You also need to include a page header for every page that you write in your work.

Title Page
The title page is a vital part of any apa essay, and you need to meet the guidelines set for it. The title page should include the title of your paper, your name and the institution that you are writing from i.e. your university/college. These should be written in the middle of the page.

After the title page is complete, you should begin a new page. The abstract is an important part of any academic paper essay format, and the apa style is no exception. The abstract provides a concise summary of your paper. In essence, it is a summary of the key points you will be making during the course of your research. Since it is a summary, and brief, your abstract should ideally be between 200-250 words.

Whenever you write my essay, the introduction is pivotal in setting the scene and exposing your reader to the topic your paper. In an APA paper, it is no different. Aim to make your thesis statement, and briefly detail the methods through which you aim accomplish your goals.

Literature Review
The literature review is an important part of essay writing. You should review all the important past scientific literature pertaining to the area of psychology that you are writing about. These could be found through various means. One way could be through your university’s library, which will host many important textbooks for you to use. You could also find important papers online through academic journals for psychology, or even through Google scholar.

The methodology is important in establish and analyzing the methods you will be using to conduct your research. You need to thoroughly analyze your proposed method by answer questions such as:

  • Why this is the best method?
  • Any flaws to your methodology?

Results and Discussion
This section revolves around detailing your results and, like the methodology section prior, analyzing them in greater detail.

The main goal of the conclusion is to ascertain whether or not the thesis statement mentioned in the introduction ahs been proven. Like the abstract, the conclusion should also present a brief overview of your research.

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