The Most Essential Sections of an Academic Term Paper

High school and college students often write term papers on different topics. If you want to craft a paper worthy of an excellent grade, it’s important to know what major sections it should consist of. Otherwise, you might structure your academic work in a poor way and earn a low score for your assignment.

Important Chapters to Include in a Term Paper

  • The introduction.
  • This section should provide the reader with the context for your research and inform them about the main purpose of your project. In it, you should explain not only what questions your study is going to answer but also why it’s important to find these answers.

  • The literature survey.
  • In this chapter, you should tell the reader about the theories and previous studies that your research project relies upon. Divide the main sources that you consulted during your study into several groups based on the schools of thought which they represent and give their brief descriptions.

  • The methodology.
  • Here, you should tell your audience about the set of methods that you’ve decided to use in your study. It’s important to indicate why this set is better than any other methodology. Then, you should thoroughly describe each action that you performed analyzing information and conducting your tests.

  • The results.
  • In this section, you should present your findings. First, demonstrate the raw figures. Then, interpret their meaning. Lastly, discuss the significance of your findings for other scholars who study the same field.

  • The conclusion.
  • This chapter should sum up all the information presented earlier and convey your final message based on it. Also, in the conclusion, you should offer several ways for other students to continue your research.

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